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Do you know about the identification and maintenance of bone china? Take a look!

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Many illegal businesses make use of consumers' ignorance of how to distinguish Bone China from white porcelain and new bone china. A large number of them use white porcelain and new bone porcelain as bone china, and use low-grade Bone China as high-grade bone porcelain to earn illegal profits. The common phenomenon is that the bowls in a set of tableware are made of high-grade bone china, but other plates, spoons and so on may not be Bone China or low-grade Bone China. How can we distinguish Bone China from white porcelain, new bone china and high-grade bone china? Weight, thickness, color and sound are good ways.
1. The difference between white porcelain and Bone China: white porcelain is heavier and thicker. When two bowls collide, they will not make metal collision sound. It gives out a dull "Ding" sound, basically no echo, while the high-grade bone china is relatively light. After the collision of two bowls, the sound of "Dang" is as clear as ringing a bell, and the echo time is longer.
2. The difference between new bone china and Bone China: new bone china does not contain bone powder, it is heavier than bone china, and its color is yellow and black.
3. The characteristics of high-grade bone china: Bone China has the characteristics of fine quality, color, natural milky white, bright glaze and thin tire. The porcelain is fine and dense, smooth and transparent, showing different texture and brightness with ordinary porcelain, and exudes noble temperament of nobility. Every day, every meal, feast, with enough elegant Bone China, will show extraordinary style.
Daily maintenance of Bone China:
1: Use dishwasher to choose a dishwasher with "porcelain and crystal" washing function.
2: Porcelain with gold and platinum edge decoration is not suitable for microwave heating.
3: The pH value of lotion should be between 11-11.5, and the water temperature should not exceed 80 ℃. 4: Do not immerse the hot cup in cold water directly, so as not to damage the porcelain due to the rapid change of temperature. 5: Can be put into the disinfection cupboard, high temperature disinfection, if there are scratches, you can use toothpaste grinding. 6: If there are tea stains, you can clean them with lemon juice or vinegar.