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Who is better than the traditional Chinese Bone China?

Article source:本站 popularity:1631 Time of publication:2020-11-30 17:06:42

Bone China has a big match with ceramics
1. Weight: Bone China of the same type is lighter than that of porcelain;
2. Color: Bone China is as warm as jade, and its color will be green and astringent;
3. Permeability: Bone China has good transmittance;
4. Compared with traditional tea, it has better heat preservation and taste;
5. More durable: because the composition of Bone China is different from ordinary porcelain, it can be thinner, stronger and more wear-resistant, and it is not easy to wear and crack. Bone China will not crack once in water at 180 ℃ and 20 ℃;
6. High grade: Bone China is a high-grade porcelain recognized in the world at present. It has dual values of use and art. It is a symbol of power and status. It is known as the king of porcelain. The pictures on Bone China will be very real and clear.
7. Listen to the sound: hold the bone china in the heart of the hand, take a pen or small stick to knock down the bone china bowl, and it will sound like a bell;
8. Choose a larger bone china bowl. Pour about one joint of water into it. Dip your finger in water and rub it around the bowl. At this time, it will make a resonant "squeak" sound.