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What is porcelain? What is the essential difference between Bone China and ceramics?

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Bone China was invented by British people. Its main material is animal bone powder. Ceramic is a cultural treasure of our country. Its main material is kaolin. It is said that foreigners used to like our Chinese porcelain very much and wanted to burn one of them. Because of the lack of kaolin, there was no way to make a decent porcelain. But one day, a man put the bone powder of the leader's house into it. Unexpectedly, a decent porcelain was produced. So Bone China was born casually !
Bone for bone china
Bone China and ceramics because of the different materials, come out of the porcelain is not the same. Bone china fired porcelain will be more transparent, take a light, immediately become transparent, ceramics will not be like this, will feel stuffy, in addition, bone china cup will be lighter than the ceramic cup, also easier to burn, so when drinking hot water with bone china cup, be careful, otherwise you will be scalded!
Bone china cup under the light, clean and transparent, ceramic cup will not be like this
After knowing so many differences between Bone China and ceramics, let's talk about why Bone China is so expensive. Generally, there will be at least 40% bone powder in Bone China. The price of bone meal varies from animal to animal. For example, bovine bone powder is 6 times as much as ordinary ceramic raw material. Moreover, Bone China needs to be fired twice, which has high technical content and labor cost, so the price is naturally more expensive.