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Glaze is divided into color glaze and monochromatic glaze. What are their characteristics

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Color glaze is a kind of glaze. When iron, copper, manganese, cobalt and other oxidizing colorants are added to the glaze of porcelain foundation, under the corresponding firing conditions, the glaze will show some colors such as green, brown, red and blue. In addition, it can be divided into single color glaze, crystal glaze, pattern glaze and pattern glaze. Color glaze originated from the original Celadon of Shang Dynasty, and developed to the extreme through the Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.
The color glaze is famous for its purity and elegance and few artificial carving. There are dozens of kinds of white glaze and red glaze, such as the song Ding glaze white porcelain, the Yuan Fu Fu egg white glaze, Ming Yongle sweet white, Xuande gem red, Zhengde peacock green, Qing kangxilang kiln red, Yongzheng carmine, which reflect China's superb porcelain making technology.
Monochromatic glaze is a pure color glaze, which refers to a single color glaze, also known as a glaze. Such as red glaze, white glaze, blue glaze, yellow glaze, green glaze, green glaze, black glaze, paste glaze, purple glaze, gold glaze, silver glaze, etc.


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